Eileen Murray

About Me

I began my studies of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in 1987.  I had the great fortune to study at the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest acupuncture school in the nation.  There I studied with teachers who trained under Dr. James Tin Yao So, the founder of our school.  I trained, as well, with internationally known teachers of Japanese acupuncture Kiiko Matsumoto and Stephen Birch, along with many other expert teachers. 

I continued to deepen my healing skills through additional training, including the study of Usui Reiki and becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.  I then pursued in-depth study of Tuina, a form of Asian bodywork therapy, at the Charles River Institute for Inner and Healing Arts.  I am fortunate, as well, to have studied biodynamic craniosacral therapy with Patrick Cunningham, L.Ac.

Integral to my practice is the encouragment of clients to engage in their own healing.  The energetic and hands-on techniques I use help to dispel symptoms and to create an opening or space for the deeper healing that many of us seek.